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Kenickie Street 

Bio: Kenickie Street is the heiress to Newfoundland’s third most prominent fish monger and while the sea holds many mysteries the bright lights of the city called to her.

She took up with a band of pirates and fled her coastal home, traveling far and wide before finally landing in Toronto. While rough and tumble on the outside her she truely is nerdy to her core and as NGB’s Tank, you can be sure that wherever she goes, a ruckus is sure to follow.

When she’s not on stage you can find her either hard at work, styling hair for Toronto’s Nerd Royalty or thowing back pints and rolling dice at her favorite pub.


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Ruby Pixel

Ruby Pixel  as Dr. Girlfriend - Nerd Girl BurlesqueDebut Date: 2009

Super Powers: enhanced attention to minute details, hypno-hips, technomancy

Signature Act: Mina Harker

Weaknesses: procrastination, easily distracted by shiny things, taffeta (her Kryptonite)

Bio: Ruby is an eclectic geek: cosplay, tabletop gaming, LARP, video games, books, music, science fiction and fantasy, anime… The list goes on. She has attained the rank of Regional Master in cosplay awards, and has a fondness for fabric. She enjoys moonlit walks and a nice glass of red wine.


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