Loretta Jean - Nerd Girl Burlesque


Loretta Jean by Dolly Shots Photography

Super Powers: hyper acute eyesight, cat wrangling, advanced Google-Fu

Signature Act: Dalek (Doctor Who Tribute)

Dalek (Doctor Who Tribut)

Weaknesses: gin & tonics, leopard print, extreme heat or cold, shiny things

Bio: Loretta Jean was born to a pack of vagrants, tramps and thieves. Sadly, their casual lifestyle was not enough to satisfy her lust for glitter. If the troupe was a D&D party, Loretta would be NGB’s resident nercomancer.

As a founding member of Nerd Girl Burlesque, she’s performed all over Toronto. Loretta made her festival debut in 2011 at the Toronto International Burlesque Festival with her partner-in-crime fighting, Delicia Pastiche.

LJ likes to think she’s a smarty-pants is currently pursuing a PhD in Performance Studies, focusing on nerdlesque. When she’s not performing or acadaming, Loretta spends too much time reading comics and enjoys rhinestoning everything she owns.


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