Helen of Tronna - Nerd Girl Burlesque

Helen of Tronna | Nerd Girl Burlesque


Super Power: Four bells at once!

Signature Act: King of Spain

Weaknesses: Whiskey, boys with strange/unpronounceable names, free snacks

Bio: Helen of Tronna is the new identity of the burlesque artist formerly known as Bella Fox. Though her fox-wrangling days are mostly behind her, bells are still abundant in her life. As a member of Pavlov’s Dogs Handbell Ensemble and occasional handbell soloist, Helen will make you see ringing in a whole new light – it’s not just for your grandma’s Christmas mass anymore!

Mam’selle of Tronna made her burlesque debut as part of the first Nerd Girl Pinups show, stealing the show as Mario to sometimes-partner Ginger Rigby’s Luigi.

But she is best known for her elaborate birthday shows, including 20,000 Legs Under the Sea, Winter Wrap-Up and Bella’s Burlesque Birthday Bash: Dirty Thirty Dancing Dance Party. She has been planning her next birthday party since about two weeks before her last one.


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