Delicia Pastiche - Nerd Girl Burlesque

Delicia Pastiche by Dolly Shots Photography

Super Power: Dat Ass

Signature Act: The Dynamically Gay Duo with Loretta Jean

Weaknesses: adorable animals, bourbon, French pastry

Bio: Delicia was raised by a pack of feminists who denied her Barbies but taught her to bake a mean pie. She is still convinced that Bruce Wayne is her estranged father.

After a youth filled with dancing, acting, and singing, she settled into a life of academia before the siren song of burlesque called to her. A lifelong nerd, Ms. Pastiche enjoys incorporating her geeky obsessions into her acts, so you can see her shimmying and stripping to acts inspired by anything from Mad Men to My Little Pony.

Outside of the burlesque world she is an accomplished baker who loves video games (especially made by Bethesda and Valve), comic books, and learning and teaching about gender and sexuality.


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