Plans Are Brewing, Some Pictures & Save the Date!

October 19th, 2012

Hello universe,

Apologies for neglecting this blog space. You wouldn’t know it from our lack of posts, but things have been quite busy behind the scenes for Nerd Girl Burlesque since our inaugural show.

First off – Book Club Burlesque was a huge success! There were a few minor kinks that we still need to iron out, but overall we’re really happy with how it went. When it comes down to it, isn’t that the beauty of live theatre though? Anything can happen in the midst of a performance, it’s pretty magical.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out the show. We felt overwhelmed with all of the support we received – we packed Goodhandy’s (now called Club 120), sold the show out, and had fun boogying the night away on the dance floor afterwards.

Harry Potter Group Act - Kenickie as Ravenclaw, Loretta as Slytherin, Bella as Gryffindor, Delicia as Hufflepuff | Nerd Girl Burlesque

Harry Potter Group Act – Kenickie as Ravenclaw, Loretta as Slytherin, Bella as Gryffindor, Delicia as Hufflepuff

Our friend Alex from If You Fall Photography took some great images of us at the show. You see the rest of the pictures on our Facebook Page.

Since wrapping up our first official show (though it feels weird to call it that, because we’ve all been performing together in the local burlesque scene for almost 3 years), we’ve been valiantly working away on planning our follow up.

We’re not quite ready to release all of the details yet, but we will very soon and good things come to those who wait!

We can tell you right it’s called NERD GIRL BURLESQUE presents… The British Invasion. The show is slated for Friday, November 23 – so please save the date! 

In others news, we did a fabulous and ridiculously fun photo shoot with Photolena? We’ve posted a few teaser images on our Facebook page, we’ll have the full set up on the website soon.

We’ve updated our calendar with upcoming events and appearances. We’ll all be at Canadian Toycon in Burlington on November 4. There’s also some solo (and duo, or even trio appearances) slated for between now and the end of the year!

We really can’t wait to share all of the amazing plans that we have in store. Maybe it’s just the time of year – with Halloween just around the corner – but it really feels like things have a been a slow brew (perhaps in a giant cauldron),  figuring out all the ins and outs of getting a troupe up and running.

It will definitely all be worth it, mark our words: 2013 is going to huge and we’re so excited! 

-Loretta Jean (& the NGB lovelies)